Service Pricing

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC)
$35 Introductory Session
$55 Regular Priced Session
$25 Group Pricing (5+ People)

WBC Membership Pricing
$299 Month-to-month Single Month Pricing
$249 per month 2 Month Min. Pricing
Memberships non-transferrable
$30 Family member session add-on at member’s time of service

Punchcard for WBC
$109 3 Sessions, anytime
$300 10 Sessions, anytime
Punchcard sessions are transferrable

Localized Cryotherapy
$35 Spot Treatment (small area)
$55 Area Treatment (large area)
$60 Cryotherapy Facial
Multiple areas of treatment may require an increased fee determined by time

Massage Therapy
$50 30 Min Massage
$95 60 Min Massage
$135 90 Min Massage
$175 120 Min Massage

Cellulite/Metabolism Massage Session – 90 min
$150 without Whole Body Cyro treatment
$180 with Whole Body Cyro treatment

Far-Infrared Sauna
$25 25 min session
$10 add on for 2nd person in Sauna

Massage/WBC Combo Specials
$80 30 min Massage with Whole Body Cyro
$125 60 min Massage with Whole Body Cyro


About Cool It! Cryo

We are the first business in St George to offer Whole Body Cryotherapy. We offer unique therapeutic treatments that, when combined, enhance results over traditional massage clinics, spas or other methods used for pain and recovery. Thus, creating a one-stop-shop for relief from your pain and improvement of your health and well-being.


New clients get a FREE CRYO TREATMENT with any massage!

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