Jody Wright - LMT, Owner/Operator/Delusional Visionary

Jody Wright

Jody Wright

LMT, Owner/Operator/Delusional Visionary

Before making human popsicles, Jody has worked as a massage therapist since 1995. He has worked with institutions such as the Green Valley Spa in St George, UT and with Cirque du Soleil. Jody has instructed in massage schools and traveled teaching continuing education to licensed massage therapists. Blah, blah……

After experiencing whole body cryotherapy the first time and having it eliminate his wrist tendonitis, he was convinced he wanted to open a cryotherapy business. He saw how cryotherapy could be a phenomenal companion to massage and other recovery treatments.

What inspired the name Cool It!? It stuck and just felt right after being continually shouted at him by his frustrated high school English teacher, Mr Tucker.