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Dr Oz experiences Cryotherapy

Click below for the video link: Dr Oz talks about whole body cryotherapy We are so excited to have our support featured on Dr Oz this month! Check out these video links to listen to Mark Murdock of CryoUSA and Dr Oz talk about the benefits of this revolutionary new treatment!

Wim Hof interview on benefits of cold

Wim Hof in this interview with Dr. Rhonda Patrick ( shares some of the health and immunological benefits of cold. His excitement is contagious when he shares the research of improved body and brain health. Wim holds multiple world records and has climbed Mount Everest in only shorts and a t-shirt. Click here for the… Read more »

The COLD new trend of superstar athletes

CLEVELAND – As a player, LeBron James has ice water in his veins. The long lasting 82-game regular season of an NBA player can be hard on the body. It takes next-level conditioning to play as much as 30-40 minutes of basketball 4 nights a week. Conditioning, on top of injury-prevention, is pivotal to any… Read more »

Recover with Cryotherapy

One of the oldest and most researched uses of cryotherapy is for muscle recovery or muscle and joint rehabilitation. Over 4500 years ago there is archaeological evidence that the ancient Egyptians used cold to treat injury1 and within the last 200 years a lot of research has been performed to understand just how cryotherapy works… Read more »

Grand Opening!!!

Grand Opening Thursday October 1st at Noon!!! The St George Chamber will be present for a Ribbon Cutting ceremony. We’ll give away soft serve ice cream and hold a drawing for some free sessions. Come see what we are doing!!! 676 South Bluff Street Suite 200, St George, UT 84770